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All hosting companies are not the same. We know that to provide you with the best quality UK Web Hosting it is important to invest in a good infrastructure, quality hardware and the latest hosting technology..

At 4UHosting we have the technology to ensure a sound, stable basis for your UK Web Hosting account. Read on to find out more...

Node4 DC3

A great home for your website. We use Node4's DC3 data centre. This is a Tier 4 facility which means it has a very high level of resilience, security and connectivity.

The building can operate on generator power indefinitely, should there be a loss of mains power. It's a truly fantastic modern facility. Click Here For The Video Tour


The data centre has perimeter fencing and CCTV coverage points on all internal and external entry and exit points, as well as between rack aisles from which images are recorded and stored.

With an anti-tailgating pod, the site operates a strict photo ID swipe card entry system for access to the building and there is manned security on site on a 24/7 basis.


With 3.5MVA of power,The facility has more than enough to feed our server racks.

In the event of a mains power failure, the resilient power backup system delivered by N+1 generator backup, 6 x N+N UPS ‘A’ feeds and 6 x UPS ‘B’ feeds will seamlessly take over to ensure that there is a consistent source of power to the data centre.


The data floor is fully monitored and implements 4 x 450KW N+1 water cooled chillers, supplied with N+N pumps reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the air conditioning units.

With the latest fire protection provided by an FM200 suppression system, with VESDA early detection, staff are alerted at the earliest possible sign of fire by continually drawing air into a pipe network attached to a detector unit on the wall.

Fully Resilient Network

As you may be aware, the internet is made up of lots of interconnected networks that rely on each other. It is "a network of networks".

We utilise an MPLS network via our specialist network providers that gives us a robust and flexible infrastructure, with the highest quality bandwidth available.


Our server racks in Leeds are connected via POP's (points of presence) in London and Manchester. These connections are over diversely routed 10GB circuits that results in a highly resilient infrastructure.

In the event of a single core link failure, traffic is automatically re-routed without any loss of service.

We only use Cisco network switches in our server racks to ensure the highest quality to our customers.


MPLS is simply a much more efficient way of routing packets of data over the internet.The packets contain extra information about how and where to send the data, this speeds up the process greatly.

Networks that do not use MPLS are forced to analyse each packet header to determine where and how it should be sent. This results in an overhead and loss of performance.

By utilising an MPLS network, we are providing you with an ultra fast and efficient internet connection for your website and email.


Our bandwidth is provided via two tier-1 transit providers Level3 and Cogent. Extensive peering is also carried out at the London internet Exchange (LINX) directly with many other providers. Using two transit providers offers a great deal of resiliency and peace of mind.

Since we switched over to this network in 2010 there have been only two very brief issues, lasting no more than a few minutes. That's 99.99% uptime!

Server Hardware

We custom build our own servers from the highest quality components. We select the best of every element to produce a reliable web hosting platform for our customers sites.

Our servers are fitted with dual power supplies. In case one fails, the other takes over.

All our hardware is renewed every three years on a schedule of rolling replacements. This limits mechanical failure and allows us to take advantage of the latest technologies.


Our server chassis and mainboards are manufactured by Supermicro. We have been using their components exclusively for over seven years due to their outstanding price / performance ratio and extremely high reliability. Supermicro based servers are also very energy efficient. providing "Green Technology" is a primary objective in the design of their products.


Reliable storage is vital to the running of high availability computer systems. Seagate Enterprise drives provide our customers with the highest possible quality disk space for their Web Hosting.

We use a combination of Seagate mechanical and solid state drives, for high speed, energy efficiency and low failure rates.

How We Differ

Many other low cost web hosts maximise their profits by using cheap hardware and components that might be found in home computers rather than servers. We know that availability is important to our customers, so we have built our infrastructure without cutting any corners or compromising on quality. This is reflected in the very low failure rates of our servers.

We balance our platform very carefully, ensuring a lower number of Web Hosting accounts per server to reduce slow down at peak times and the chance of load spikes by resource hungry clients. Our focus is on quality and availability, putting the customer first.

Superior Server Stability

We use CloudLinux on our Web Hosting servers. This is a customized operating system designed specifically for our industry. CloudLinux is the choice for web hosting providers because of the stable environment it provides even in the most extreme hosting situations.

How It Works

In a traditional hosting environment each customer shares an overall set of resources and there is little control to prevent one site from overloading the server.

Without CloudLinux, If one site suddenly experiences a big resource spike from a large amount of traffic, poorly written script, or a denial of service attack, all the other sites on the server are also effected

CloudLinux isolates each hosting account into its own lightweight virtualized environment (LVE) and gives each one a predetermined amount of resources. If one customer suddenly get's a huge amount of traffic any ill effects will be contained to only that customer.

So if you are running a busy site that starts to use too much in way of resources, it may get "throttled". This may cause it to slow down, but your site will stay online. If this happens regularly, you can contact us to discuss increasing your resource allocation.



CageFs is part of CloudLinux. It is a virtualised file system that puts each web hosting account into its own "cage", isolating it completely from all the other accounts on the system. With CageFS, Each User will not see any other users, and would have no way to detect the presence of other users & their usernames on the server. This effectively turns your web hosting account into it's own virtual private server, providing a much higher level of security over traditional methods.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is the industry leading Web Hosting control panel. We have been using cPanel on our platform since 2003.

The software is being continually developed and improved, with new updates and features being released on a regular basis.

We are an official cPanel partner and we regularly provide feedback to the cPanel team and suggest new features. One of our suggestions was implemented in 2012.

What's it for?

When you sign up for a UK Web Hosting account with 4UHosting, you are provided with login details to your cPanel interface. From there you can manage every aspect of your hosting account, from adding and removing email addresses, tracking your visitor stats and editing your web pages, to advanced features such as setting up scheduled jobs, installing web applications, changing DNS records and configuring databases. Everything you need to manage your UK Web Hosting account is provided.

But don't just take our word for it Click Here to try the Demo
username: demo password: password


The cPanel control panel provides most of the features available in your UK Web Hosting account. The majority are included as standard with the cpanel system, but some are added by ourselves and integrated into the interface...

Like our fantastic Anti Spam system provided by SpamExperts and the versatile and easy to use RVSitebuilder, not to mention the great web application installer Softaculous that can be used to install dozens of useful app's and scripts for instant use on your website.

You can find out more about all the features provided in our UK Web Hosting packages on our features page Click Here to read more and if you are ready to sign up for great UK Web hosting with 4UHosting, head over to our package comparison page Click Here


78% of all email is spam. That's a frightening statistic and sadly it seems that the spam is here to stay, with no way of preventing unsolicited email from being sent, all we can do is use reactionary software to filter out the legitimate emails and leave the spam behind.

Anti Spam software varies greatly in accuracy and quality. Luckily we've found SpamExperts! A truly wonderful product that is accurate and easy to use. In most cases you won't even know it's there.

Clustered System

We use the SpamExperts software on our own hardware. We've built an inbound email cluster to manage all mail coming into your domains. This has a couple of big advantages.

Firstly, as the cluster is load balanced, if one of the servers goes down, the others just pick up the slack, so there is no loss of Email service in the event of a hardware failure.

Secondly, the processing of spam is offloaded onto these servers and taken away from the destination hosting server where your domain resides, so this helps to keep the load down on the hosting platform.

Integrated Interface

The Anti Spam interface can be accessed from the cPanel area, or you can login directly to the anti spam cluster by setting up your own login. You can create individual user accounts so each of your email users can access their own spam quarantine. You can also get daily reports via email, with a list of spam that has been detected.

Other great features include whitelisting and blacklisting options to configure certain addresses to bypass the filtering. You can search the email logs for your domain, report spam messages that didn't get detected and view your delivery queue, not to mention set the size of allowed incoming attachments and block certain file types.

All these features are included as standard with all our UK Web Hosting plans. You don't have to do anything special to start using the Anti Spam facility, it starts to work from the moment your web hosting account is set up!

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