On the 10th of June this year, Nomimet, the registry in charge of co.uk, org.uk, me.uk and .ltd.uk domains will be launching a new domain extension .uk. Below we have outlined all the info you should need to know about this new top level domain and how you can obtain yours.

Your domain is already reserved.

In most cases, if you already own the .co.uk version of a domain name and it was registered before the 28th of October 2013, you automatically qualify for the .uk version and nobody else can register it but you. So the domain is reserved for you already.

Please don't be fooled by other companies telling you that you must pre-order your .uk domain. There is no pre-order process and there is absolutely no need to panic. If you qualify for the .uk domain, it is reserved for you from the 10th of June, for five years, even if you don't register it. If you don't qualify to reserve the domain, then you cannot register it.

How do I qualify?

There are some basic rules...

1. There is a "pecking order" in terms of which pre-existing domain qualifies you to own the .uk. It goes in this order...


2. There is a cutoff date of the 28th of October 2013.

So, lets use our domain name as an example. Replace "4uhosting.co.uk" with your own domain in the examples below.

If you registered 4uhosting.co.uk before the 28th of October 2013 and you still own the domain, then you automatically qualify to own 4uhosting.uk. Guaranteed.

If you registered 4uhosting.org.uk before the 28th or October 2013 and 4uhosting.co.uk was newly registered by someone else after this date, then you have the right to own 4uhosting.uk

If you registered 4uhosting.me.uk before the 28th of October 2013 and you still own the domain, but 4uhosting.org.uk and 4uhosting.co.uk were newly registered by someone else after that date, then you have the right to own 4uhosting.uk.

If all three domain types for a particular domain are owned by different people and they were all registerd before the 28th of October 2013, the person to whom the .co.uk domain is registered has the right to the .uk domain, no matter which one was registered first.

So to simplify this - for the majority of domain owners, as long as you registered the .co.uk domain before the end of October 2013, you automatically have the right to reserve the .uk version.

If the above seems a little confusing, or you want an easy way to check if you are eligible for the .uk version of your domain, you can use the lookup tool on Nominet's website by clicking this link

When can I register my .uk domain?

The domains will become available from 8am on the 10th of June and you will be able to register them as normal from our website. As mentioned, there is no pre-order process, so you would be wasting your money paying a premium to reserve a .uk domain, as this is simply not possible.

If there is no pre-existing version of a particular .uk domain that you want to register, you can do so from 8am on the 10th of June - on a first come, first served basis.

How much will a .uk domain cost?

Many other domain providers are due to start selling .uk domains at a premium price - £9 or over. We will be selling them at the same price as all our other UK domains, which is £4.99 +VAT for one year and then £3.49 +VAT per year for two years or more.

Important! When registering a .uk domain that you have a right of reservation to:- When ordering, you must use the same registrant and contact details as for your already registered domain, otherwise the registation will fail.

You can check these details on a pre-existing domain in your account by taking the following steps...

1. Click "My Domains" > "Manage My Domains"
2. Click "Manage Domain" next to the domain.
3. Click "Management Tools" then "Contact Information"

How can I register a .uk domain?

If you want to register a domain that has not yet been registered, you can search for your domain and order it as normal from our wesbite. If you qualify for the .uk version of a domain you already own you will need to contact us via our helpdesk and we will place the order internally for you. It only takes a few minutes.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new .uk domain extension, then please contact us via our support helpdesk where a member of staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Thursday, February 20, 2014