We've now added the level 2 and 3 gTLD's to our system. These are more expensive than the level 1 domains added yesterday. We're not sure what criteria ICANN have used when working out the base pricing - for example, what makes a .recipes domain more expensive than a .marketing domain? We've simply added our normal markup to the wholesale price. Most domain providers are selling the level 2 domains at £19.99 +VAT and level 3's at £29.99 +VAT- so we are in a position to save you money on both these new gTLD categories.

Level 2 £17.49 +VAT (£20.99) Level 2 £17.49 +VAT (£20.99) Level 3 £26.49 +VAT (£31.79)

Please be aware that currently the lookup servers for these domains at the registry are receiving a large number of requests, so it is possible for a domain to sometimes show up as available in an availability search when the domain has already been registered. As usual, when you order a domain, we will atempt to register it for you and you will receive a confirmation if the registration has been successful, otherwise we will contact you to arrange a refund.


Thursday, May 1, 2014