30 new gTLD's added today...

The following new domain extensions have been added to our system and are available for registration...


12th Aug 2016
Hosting Plan Auto Renewals

It has come to our attention that some customers who have a credit / debit card saved with us are finding that their hosting plan is automatically renewing when the auto renew status on the plan is set to "off". This is a current bug in the process that handles payments and we hope to have this ironed out within the next 24 hours. If you find that ... Read More »

5th May 2016
Auto renewals are here!

We are very pleased to announce that you can now automatically renew your domains and hosting with us, should you wish to. We have switched our card payment method to a secure tokenized system that allows us to completely encrypt and safely store your card details at the card processor, while only storing the last four digits of your card on our ... Read More »

29th Apr 2016
Too Many Invoice Reminders...

We would like to apologise to customers for a recent problem in which invoice reminder Emails were being sent to some customers every day. We were not aware of this until it was brought to our attention today. We have fixed this issue.Customers will now receive an Email when an invoice is raised (21 days prior to the renewal date) and three ... Read More »

25th Apr 2016
Domain Fraud / Phishing Email currently in circulation

A number of customers have notified us that they have recently received an Email claiming that their domain registration has been "suspended" and they should click a link to download a copy of the complaints that have been received. These Emails have faked headers claiming to be from a domain registrar (wholesaler). 4UHosting is not mentioned in ... Read More »

28th Oct 2015
Another 40 new gTLD's added today.

We've added another 40 new domain extensions which are available to purchase ... Read More »

23rd Jul 2014
Another five new gTLD's added today

Please note that the following domain extensions are now available to purchase from our website.


Our domain prices page has been updated to include all of these.

7th May 2014
New Level 2 and 3 gTLD's Available for Registration

We've now added the level 2 and 3 gTLD's to our system. These are more expensive than the level 1 domains added yesterday. We're not sure what criteria ICANN have used when working out the base pricing - for example, what makes a .recipes domain more expensive than a .marketing domain? We've simply added our normal markup to ... Read More »

1st May 2014
New gTLD's Available for Registration

We are pleased to announce that we have added the first set of new domain types to our system today. You can now register the following via our website from the Domain Registraton page.The domains below are all priced at £12.49 +VAT per ... Read More »

1st May 2014
Email Password Security

We are sending out this communication today in an effort to make customers more aware of the implications of weak Email passwords. This week we have seen a large number of customer's Email accounts compromised and used to send out spam, simply due to very weak passwords. This is becoming an increasing problem. When a spammer gets hold of ... Read More »

21st Feb 2014