Transferring Domains to 4UHosting

To transfer a domain to 4UHosting simply choose the "Transfer My Domain"option when you purchase your hosting package. Alternatively, you can use the "Transfer Domains" link from our main menu.

Before placing an order with us, you will be required to contact the company that you originally purchased the domain from. Here is what you will need to tell them...

For all domains other than, .me uk and

Ask your previous host to UNLOCK the domain as you wish to transfer it away. If the domain is locked, it cannot be transferred. You will also need to obtain an authorization code from your previous provider. We cannot transfer your domain without this code. Once you have obtained the auth code, enter it when prompted during the order process. The transfer auth code is also sometimes call the EPP code or EPP key.

We also recommend that you change the nameservers on your domain before initiating the transfer. A transfer can take around six days to complete. If you want to use your domain on our system at any time, no matter which company it is registered with, you should set it to use our nameservers. You would do this via the options available to you at the company the domain is registerd with.

Our nameservers are:

So to recap....

1. Contact your previous provider and ask them for the Authorisation code (EPP key) for your domain.
2. Ask them to unlock the domain.
3. Change the nameservers.
4. Place an order on our website to transfer the domain.

With most domains, there is a transfer fee and the domain has an additional year added to it's registration as part of the transfer process. This is imposed by the registrar system and is not simply our policy. Some domains carry a 60 day transfer rule, which means that you cannot transfer the domain if it has been registered, renewed, or transferred within the last 60 days. If this is the case, you can set your nameservers to ours, so that the domain is pointing to us, then submit your domain transfer when the 60 days are up. The 60 day rule does not stop you from hosting your website with us.

For UK Domain Transfers

To transfer a UK domain, ( you must first submit a transfer on our website either by using the "Transfer Domains" option on the menu, or by choosing to transfer the domain when you place your hosting order. Once your order has been placed, you must ask your previous host to change the domain's Registrar Tag which is also known as the IPS Tag  to ours. Our tag name is 4UH. UK domains are free to transfer and no additional years are added as part of the process. If you don't contact your previous provider and have the tag changed to 4UH it will not be transferred to us. UK domains don't carry 60 day transfer limitation and can be transferred at any time.

If your domain type is not supported

If your domain is from a registrar in a country that we don't support, such as .au or etc, You must use the nameserver option, we cannot accept transfers for any domains other than those we sell. Simply change the nameservers on your domain to those mentioned above and your domain will point to our system.

If your transfer fails

For all domain types other than and We will contact you if your transfer fails.

UK domains simply need a tag change (a process which takes literally minutes to perform). If the transfer hasn't been successful after 48 hours you will need to contact your previous host and find out why they have not performed the tag change yet.

Please note: A domain transfer simply changes who you pay your renewal fees to. Transferring your domain has no technical bearing on your hosting. You can register a domain anywhere and host it anywhere  - it is not neccessary for the domain and hosting to be with the same provider. The nameservers point your domain to your website and email, so it is the nameservers alone that are responsible for the technical operation of your domain, regardless of any transfer.

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