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Everything you need for a great UK Web Hosting experience. Listed below are the features that come included as standard with all our UK Web Hosting plans.

It is our aim to provide you with all the options you could possibly want, right from the start, with no additional costs or fees to pay...

UK Web Hosting Infrastructure

Below are the core features of our standard UK Web Hosting services. You can read in more detail about some of these features on our Technology page.

UK Web Hosting.
Our Data Centre, Servers, offices and support staff are all based in the UK.

Apache Web Server.
We use the world's most popular and reliable web server software, Apache.

A specialist operating system for Web Hosting servers. Click Here for more information.

cPanel Control Panel.
Very easy to use with a huge array of features, cPanel is the first choice Hosting control panel.

Tier 4 Data Centre.
The most secure, reliable and dependable UK Data Centre available.

MPLS Network.
A fast and robust managed Network Infrastructure, providing a reliable connection for your site.

Free Domain! Take advantage of our special offer and get one year's free domain registration with every new UK Web Hosting package purchased. Restrictions apply. See our Domain Prices page...

Multi Domain Hosting.
You can host from two to twenty sites, depending on the UK Web Hosting Plan that you choose.

We balance our servers carefully to ensure your website responds quickly, even at peak times.

Inclusive Features.
No nasty surprises at the checkout. Everything on these pages is included as standard!

Easy to Use.
The customer account area and control panel are easy to navigate and simple to use.

World class support. Our fully trained and helpful staff are on hand to offer you advice and support for any aspect of your UK Web Hosting account. We have the experience and knowledge you can count on.

PHP version 5.
We are currently running PHP version 5.3, compiled with all the most popular modules.

Databases for use with your web applications which can be managed from the control panel.

Run your perl scripts from the dedicated CGI-BIN folder in your web space.

The Pear PHP application library is installed on all our servers with the most popular extensions included.

Uploading and Managing Files

We provide several methods for you to upload and manage your website files including a fully featured File Manager with HTML editor. These tools make it easy for you to get your site online quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

You can backup your website files, databases, Email forwarders and aliases and perform restores.

File manager.
A fully featured file manager with HTML editor, file permissions, archiving and more...

FTP Accounts.
Create FTP accounts to upload and manage your website files. (FTP Software required).

Connect directly to your Web Space folders from your computer's Desktop area.

Image Manager.
Resize your images, create thumbnails or convert between different image formats..

Index Manager.
Choose the type of file listing used for your folders, or restrict public directory listing.

Notes: You can connect to your UK Web Hosting account with a multitude of third party web design tools and File management applications. If you need any advice concerning this, please contact us and we will assist you.

MySQL Databases

Databases are used in your UK Web Hosting account to store data and settings for web applications. If you use our Web Application installer you won't usually need to create or manage your databases manually, but if you write your own app's, install a third party product, or are an advanced user, you can take advantage of the following features...

MySQL Databases.
This tool allows you to create and manage databases, MySQL users and assign permissions.

MySQL Wizard..
A fast and easy way to set up a database and user in one simple process.

Remote Access..
Allow direct access to your databases from external locations that you specify.

Advanced tool for managing your database tables and data, running queries, import/export etc.

Notes: The Hosting plan you choose determines the number of MySQL databases that are included. Please see our UK Web Hosting Plans page for a comparison of the resources provided.

Email Features

Email is an important part of your UK Web Hosting account. Our email service is structured so that all inbound email is handled by a cluster of mail servers that scan all messages for spam and viruses before they reach your inbox.

We offer both POP and IMAP based mail collection along with the Blackberry FastMail service. You can check your email from anywhere with Webmail and we also offer an alternative outbound mail port, in case your ISP disables port 25.

Email Accounts.
Create and manage your email addresses. Set quotas, passwords and read webmail.

Email Forwarders.
Forward an email address to any other. You can choose to retain the email, or just forward it on.

Auto Responders.
Automatically reply to emails. Great for leaving a message if you are out of the office or on holiday.

Mailing Lists.
Mailman interactive mailing lists can be used to communicate with customers or groups of people.

Notes: You can create as many email accounts and mailing lists as your UK Web Hosting plan's resources will allow. We use a cluster of mail servers for incoming email which balances the load.

Message Filtering.
Advanced filters allow you to perform actions on emails based on subject, sender, recipient etc.

Import Addresses.
Easily Import multiple email accounts or forwarders via a CSV or Excel file from your computer.

Manage the SPF and DKIM settings for your domain to prevent unauthorised spam email.

Change MX.
If you wish to use an external email service you can manage your Mail Exchange records.

Send and receive email from anywhere with a choice of three webmail applications.

Anti Virus.
All your messages are scanned for viruses automatically before they reach your inbox.

Microsoft Exchange.
If you have an Exchange server we can help you connect your domain's email to it.

Mailbox Quotas.
You can set individual disk space quotas on each of your email addresses .

Anti Spam. We offer at no extra cost to you what we believe is the most advanced anti spam solution available anywhere. Our anti spam software is provided by SpamExperts™ Please Click Here to see the feature showcase...


As part of your UK Web Hosting package, we include a very powerful and easy to use Site Builder application called RVSitebuilder. With this feature-rich tool you can choose from over 800 different site templates and edit your site content whenever you need.

The site builder is launched directly from within your cPanel interface, allowing you to edit an existing project, backup and restore projects, or start a new one.

The application provides a very easy to use WYSIWYG interface (What you See Is What You Get) with editing controls and a toolbar similar to those used with familiar word processing software. If you've ever written a letter or an email then you should have no problems using this.

Once you have chosen your template, you will add the menu items and pages that you want to include in your website, then you can edit the content, add images, links, photo album or gallery, blog, guestbook, FAQ, contact us form and more! You can integrate Google Adsense and Facebook, edit your own Meta tags for search engine optimisation, add animation effects to your pages and set up a newsletter to send to your site visitors or customers.

Easy To Use

You can supply your own images for your website content and rotate and resize them accordingly. You can also choose from the huge library of royalty free images provided.

Many hosting providers offer site builders that you pay for depending on the number of pages you design. We supply RVSitebuilder absolutely free as part of the UK Web Hosting Plan that you choose. There are no limits to the number of pages you can create.

The software is being updated all the time and new features added regularly. An option to have a dialogue box for the new EU cookie policies was added recently. New template designs are also added each month.

If you'd like to try it out You can take a test drive of the Site Builder software by Clicking Here
Login details... Username:demo Password:password

Web Applications

Included with all our UK Web Hosting plans is the easy to use Softaculous Web Application installer. This handy tool allows you to install over 250 different App's such as Wordpress, Joomla. Opencart and many more! It takes only a few clicks to install a free blog, CMS, E-commerce system, discussion forum or other type of application and have it running in only a few seconds!

Easy to use.
Choose the App you want to install, enter some login details and that's it!

Hundreds of Web App's.
You can view the list of applications available* to install via Softacuolous Here.

The scripts are star rated. You can rate the app's and see how others have scored them.

You can try out all the applications before installing them via the online demos provided.

Updates And More

Not only can you use Softaculous to install your applications, you can use it to update them too! Most open source web app's need to be regularly updated to ensure they are free from bugs and exploits. Updating in the past has been a laborious process but with Softaculous, you can backup your App's and update them to the latest versions very quickly and easily.

Updates as soon as they are available. Softaculous provides much faster updates of the scripts it maintains. More frequent updates mean a much more secure web application and better safety of the server. Also users benefit from the new features available in newer versions of app's

Softaculous only provides the best web applications on the Web. That means no more wasting time searching for app's and ending up with something that is way below your expectations. The app's are also managed according to categories giving you easy access to find what you want. Softaculous currently has 275 total app's available and they keep adding more to the library after thorough reviewing. We can also request additions if you find an app you'd like including.

Note:. *We may remove some applications from the library from time to time due to security or other issues. Not all the app's listed on the Softaculous website will be available.

Stats and Logs

If you need to track your site visits, analyse your bandwidth usage, check your error log or view the performance of your website, you can take advantage of the extensive tools provided in the control panel below.

Latest Visitors.
Quickly view the latest visitors to your site, the page they visited, referring URL and IP address.

Bandwidth Usage.
View graphs and lists showing your monthly bandwidth transfer for HTTP E-mail and FTP traffic.

Raw Access Logs.
Download text files containing raw data from the web server logs for your domains.

Advanced statistics providing an in depth analysis of your web site traffic and visitor data.

Resource Usage.
Live and historical data showing the average CPU and memory usage for your account.

Error Log.
Easily view the latest errors for your web sites from the web server log file.

Disk Usage.
A full breakdown of the space you are using in your account and where it is being used.

A stats tool with focus on click through analysis, referrals, conversions and trends.

Security Features

We use a number of security tools on our Web Hosting servers to add layers of protection such as Firewall, brute force detection and anti malware software. These are managed and maintained by ourselves. We also provide a number of security tools in the control panel. These are...

Password Protection.
The folders in your web space can be protected with multiple usernames and passwords.

IP Deny Manager.
A useful tool, should you need to deny access to your website from certain IP addresses.

Anti Virus.
You can perform a scan of your website files or your Email whenever you need to.

Hotlink Protection..
Prevents others from linking to your image files externally and stealing your bandwidth.

Leech Protection..
Prevents logins to your password protected folders from too many different locations.

An advanced feature to configure public / private key encryption for use mostly with Email.

Other Features

Listed below are some of the other features provided in your UK Web Hosting account. These features are no less important than any others, they simply didn't fit into any of the other categories, so we have included them on their own page here..

SSL Certificate Management.
If you have a dedicated IP address on your account you can manage and install SSL certificates.

SSH Access.
Shell access can be enabled on your account upon request, if required.

Cron Jobs.
You can use the cron job manager to schedule the running of scripts in your account.

Optimise Website.
This tool uses mod_deflate to compress the content of your web pages and increase performance.

DNS Editor.
You can manage your domain's DNS records using the Advanced DNS Zone Editor.

Sub Domains.
Your hosting account allows you to create as many sub domains as you need.

Sub Domains explained. A sub domain is a name that you can put in front of your registered domain name. For example, www. is actually a sub domain so you could also have blog. or support. or anything else as well.

Custom Error Pages.
Bored with the default "404" error page? With this feature you can create your own error pages.

Domain Redirects.
Simply put, you can redirect any domain in your hosting account to another domain.

SEO Tools.
The Attracta range of Search engine optimisation tools is included in all our hosting plans.

Mime Types / Apache Handlers.
If you have additional document types that you want the server to handle, you can enter them here.

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